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CONGRATS to Sarah H. from
Kalamazoo, MI, our May winner

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1) Would you prefer a natural treat that is sugarfree or that only has 5g of sugar?

only 5g

2.) Would you pay 15% more for that treat to be organic?


3.) How important is it to you that the cookies you buy are 'all natural?'

very important
somewhat important
not sure
not very important
not important at all

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Welcome to, recently acquired by Rheinlander Bakery, our retail gourmet bakery located in Olde Town Arvada, Colorado. We develop and handcraft (you can even watch at our bakery!) three healthy and tasty product lines that are Gluten Free, Sugar Free, No Sugar Added, and Low Carb, All Natural, depending on the product line you purchase— Celia's Gourmet, Sweet Deliverance or Spring Bakehouse.

2007, we will begin the process of revamping our entire website design and structure to make it more user friendly and navigational for you, so please check back as we will be making major changes to ensure your visit is a pleasant experience. The site is still operational and viewed "as-is" for now, so go ahead and look around for yourself to get invaluable information on each of our product lines and shop when you find something you like. Meanwhile, join our e-mail list (not shared with others) so you may receive info on special offers, contests, new products, and we can let you know when the new and improved site is launched — don't forget to enter our FREE monthly cookie drawing!

Why Choose Our Gluten Free Products?

  • Great tasting products with healthy ingredients
  • Family owned and operated with an extremely knowledgeable, friendly staff on hand to answer any questions you may have on our product lines
  • The combination of ingredients your body craves, without extra 'fillers'
  • Orders arriving by 2pm are normally shipped same day
  • Ordering process is fast and totally confidential
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